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RoofSlope Fixes Flat Roof Ponding

Hello there! Recently, my team and I were called in to address ponding issues on a flat roof with granulated asphalt material. The roof had been covered with a thick white sealant, which had deteriorated in the areas where water had been ponding. The owner was unable to afford a full roof replacement at the moment, but wanted to solve the ponding issue to extend the roof's life for a few more years.

After considering our options, we chose to use RoofSlope by Plidek for this project. This material is ideal for creating a sloped surface that allows water to drain properly, protecting the roof and avoiding further damage.

Before applying the RoofSlope, we had to remove the standing water and the degraded sealant to ensure a strong bond.

For some roofing materials, such as TPO and other single-ply membranes, priming may be necessary. However, in this case, RoofSlope adhered well to the asphalt roofing material without any issues.

We then mixed a 50-pound bucket of RoofSlope with 1.25 gallons of water and applied it to the depressed area using a straight edge. RoofSlope is almost self-leveling, so application was relatively simple.

Once we were satisfied with the slope, we added granules on top to protect the RoofSlope from the sun. After allowing it to cure for a few days, we tested the new surface with water to confirm that the ponding issue was resolved. We were pleased to see that the ponding issue had been fixed, providing the owner with a functional and protected roof until a full replacement can be afforded.

In conclusion, if you're experiencing ponding on your flat roof, RoofSlope can be a cost-effective solution to protect your roof and extend its life. With proper installation and a few days for curing, you can have a new sloped surface that drains properly and avoids further damage.

Here's RoofSlope's website for more info:

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May 01, 2023
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