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The Importance of Ice and Water Shield

We’re in the middle of a rainy season, so we wanted to share a tip that can help keep your roof decking dry and your home safe: Ice and water shield.

It is a water-proof layer that adheres to the decking and is placed under the shingles, helping to prevent leaks by keeping water from seeping into the roof decking.

We don’t get too much ice in Texas, but we get plenty of rain with wind. Ice and water shield should be used in the following places:

  • Valleys: This is where 2 sections of the roof meet and channel water off the roof

  • Penetrations: around pipes and chimneys

  • Walls: If the roof meets a wall and high water volume is expected

  • Eaves: For colder climates, to protect where water pools with ice buildup on the edges of the roof

In the picture, the ice and water shield is the light blue material. There is a lot of water flowing in this area, so we even continued up the wall with it and placed it behind the metal flashing.

Talk to your roofer about using ice and water shield when installing or repairing your roof for the best results.

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